Tammy Collins, Virtual Assistant - a better alternative for the help your office needs.

A Virtual Assistant performs the tasks traditionally performed by an administrative assistant or secretary, either as an employee or a temporary employee. Many businesses do not require the services of a full-time assistant. Others do not want to hire and train temp after temp. As your Virtual Assistant, I offer all of the benefits of an in-house administrative assistant, including the professionalism and confidentiality your business demands, but without any of the drawbacks of traditional office help.
  • No employee-related taxes, insurance, or benefits. I am an independent contractor, not your employee.
  • No equipment costs or office space concerns. I utilize my own equipment and office space.
  • No overtime!!!
I work flexible hours around your schedule, including nights and weekends. I work in my own office, using my equipment and software. You pay only for time and materials spent on your project. I always stay on schedule and will always meet or beat your deadlines.